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We Bring Fairytales to life.

For Birthday memories that last a lifetime.


Payment implies agreement with the Storybook Birthdays Contract -Terms and Conditions

Contract For Service

Deposits indicate that you the purchaser agree to the terms and conditions in this agreement.

***As of 3/14/2020 until further notice All Characters will arrive with a matching Mask. Masks shall be worn for any indoor event. MASKS will be taken off for photos. Actors reserve the right to wear a mask at all times at the event to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to lift this limitation as soon as possible.***


A. Contract is between Purchaser and Storybook Birthdays, LLC (hereafter, Character/Artist/SBB/Storybook Birthdays)

B. Fees 1. $85 Deposit required per character or entertainer requested to reserve event date and services.  Final payment due upon artist arrival in cash) 2. Overtime /Delay of start fee $35.00 per artist per half hour or part thereof 3. Cancelation Fee $50.00 per character. 4. Rescheduling. (No fee with at least 12 hours’ notice $35.00 reschedule fee with less than 12 hours’ notice)5. Per child fee may also apply to face painting and craft activities to be paid in advance.

C.1. Presentation: Artist shall dress and present in a professional manner. SBB will provide any materials needed for performance, games, and activities. Sound Systems are not provided by Artist/ Character or SBB. 2. Performance Time:  Artist/Character reserves the right to arrive at the venue at the time deemed necessary by the Artist for set up if applicable.3. Character/Artist Rest Breaks Characters may take rest room breaks as needed. Mascot Characters may require multiple breaks away from children due to the extreme temperatures in costume. 4. Performance Time- Requests for Additional performance time is at the discretion of the Character/Artist and is subject to Artists commitments elsewhere. A fee for additional time may apply. (See Section B2)5. Special Requests The Artist/Character reserves the right to not play game requests at the event which may put artist or costume at risk for damages or injury. Artist shall not accompany other characters not affiliated with Storybook Birthdays, unless otherwise expressly agreed prior to the event.6. Inclement Weather- Artist/Character reserves the right not to perform in or under threat of, inclement weather. Costumes are to be kept as clean and dry as possible. Costumes shall not be placed or worn in damp, wet, muddy, sandy, gravel or dirt covered areas. Noncompliance will result in cleaning or damage fees. Please keep in mind deposits are non-refundable in the case of, inclement weather.  If safer arrangements cannot be made we will happily reschedule your event for another date and 100% of your deposit will be used for a future event date. If weather becomes threatening after the Character/Artist has arrived, Character/Artist reserves the right to delay performance or to leave early and no part of the deposit or final payment will be returned or discounted.7. Cigarette Smoke- Client agrees to furnish a place for activities/performance that is free from Cigarette Smoke. Due to the nature of our business, Character may have another event after yours. It is unacceptable for him/her to smell like smoke. 8. If artist is unable to perform- In the event that the Artist /Character is unable to attend event  due to illness, accident, accident to means of transportation, or any other legitimate condition(s) beyond the control of the Artist/Character, SBB will make every effort to find a suitable replacement character/Artist. If a reasonable solution cannot be found in time for event 100% of the deposits shall be refunded.9. Family, Guests and Employees- The client shall take full responsibility and liability for the actions of his/her family, the guests (including children), patrons, agents and employees or any others in attendance at event. Client agrees to hold harmless SBB/ARTIST/CHARACTER/PERFORMER for any injury or damage that may occur as a result of our Presence at the event. We require supervision of your guests be provided by at least one parent or chaperone at all times. While we encourage children to behave politely we are not responsible to discipline unruly or uncooperative children. 10. Additional Guests-We recommend additional characters for parties with more than 12 children.  In order to accommodate all guests please give at least 24 hour notice for additional children. We cannot guarantee that each child will be able to participate in all the activities without proper notice. We bring enough supplies for a maximum of 15 children unless otherwise specified on your invoice sent by email 11. Event Location agreements -No refund will be given for failure to follow Venue rules and regulations.12. Pictures and Videos- We reserve the right to post Photos and Videos taken by our staff, party guests or photos shared with us by clients on all of our company websites, for promotional use. This includes as well as our Facebook and YouTube pages. None of your personal information will be shared.

13. Dispute Resolution- maximum liability under any such settlement will be limited to the actual amount paid to Storybook Birthdays LLC. by the Client. 14. All terms and conditions apply to private parties, public events, and ticketed events.