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Characters at a Bridal or Baby Shower

June 3, 2019

If you've ever been to a Bridal or Baby shower with your children you know it can be hard to enjoy the party while you're worried about what your little angels are getting into.  And if we don't bring the kids we often rush our visit to get back to the kids, so we don't take the time to really enjoy our friend's celebration like we should.  A few of our customers have asked us to entertain at Bridal Showers and Baby showers, Gender Reveals,  and even Engagement Parties in the past. Now that we've done a few of them we really enjoy them and are looking forward to entertaining at more themed events. Activities at these events can include the bride's favorite characters or the themed characters to match a baby shower. Our entertainers can be involved with the adult celebrations or they can be there to distract the children and keep them busy while the adults have all the fun. A customizable party visit from one or more characters is an affordable way to add a little entertainment to special event while keeping the focus of your guests on you and not on the little ones.