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Storybook Birthdays

About Storybook Birthdays

Does your child have a favorite Fairytale or Adventure story?

Imagine the look of delight as they come face to face with a real live Princess or Hero. It's a truly magical moment.

Our brand of  Birthday entertainment has evolved over the years to suit many different themes, and age groups.

We can tailor a package that is just right for you and your child.

We have something for everyone and we can't wait to be part of your special event!

My name is Michelle Goodson. I'm the creator and owner at Storybook Birthdays. Together with my family I've created a fun, affordable, and memorable way to celebrate birthdays, special events, and accomplishments. All of our beautiful high quality costumes have been lovingly hand made by my mother who also answers your calls and prepares invoices. My husband helps with the heavy lifting, construction of props, and delivery for special events when needed. And my daughter is the inspiration behind the business. Our first party was hers and the smile on her face when her favorite princess arrived was priceless. The party went so well that my friends and relatives suggested I turn this talent into a business. Prior to opening Storybook Birthdays in 2010, my career experience was in Real Estate and Interior Design. I've always loved making dreams come true and I've always had a creative personality.  I thoroughly enjoy planning events, designing costumes, hand styling  our wigs, and creating games and fun craft projects for parties. I look forward to helping you create a magical experience for your next celebration.

Our Performers are the best around. Each of them has been background checked and are held to the highest standards. Most of them are singers, actors, and models who regularly perform in local theater and appear in magazines, newspapers, and film. Many are involved in their churches and communities, and some teach pre-school, sports or music to children. They are  trained to deliver a Storybook Birthdays Experience and are paid competitively for their talents. They always appreciate your feedback and reviews, and will gladly accept a tip for a job well done.  

About our Characters

Each costume is custom made using the popular styles and colors your children have grown to love. We do not use Disney Costumes, Halloween costumes, or any other Trademarked materials. Our characters may resemble Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel, Spider-Man, Batman, or other popular character but we are in no way affiliated with any other trademarked entity. We try to deliver a one of a kind experience that you can not get elsewhere. It is not our intention to infringe on anyone's copyrights.

About our business

We are a legitimate,  tax paying business. We have been in business since 2010 and have taken all the steps necessary to ensure that we operate within the law. We offer an experience that our competitors can't match. We may not always have the lowest price but we try to meet every budget and maintain the high standards that your child deserves.

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