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Pirate and Mermaid Adventure July 8th 2017

Join us for fun with our pirate, a real mermaid, face painting, games, and delicious food.

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Male and female recruits between the age of 3 and 10 years old.

Pirate recruiting starts at 9:30 on the morning of July 8th in the year of 2017

Location is on the Beach at Shaggy’s in Biloxi.

Be ready to board the ship in the sand at 10am.

Recruits must be able to listen and follow the Captains direction or they shall be forced to walk the plank.

Your pirates will be expected to carry and fire water cannon balls that may explode and cause them to become covered in water.

Captain James Rojas will lead your young pirates on an adventure. Together with Captain James they will search the waters for the elusive, Mermaid Faith.

Parents please stand by as we approach the shoreline. Captain James is not responsible for the safety of your wandering Pirates.

Once Mermaid Faith is captured the crew will carry her from the shoreline to the ship and play more games while the crew help decide the mermaid’s fate. Should she be released into the ocean or remain with Captain James for the rest of her days?

Pirates will be served a well-earned meal of Chicken Fingers a side and a beverage at Shaggy's after the adventure.

Cost: $18.50 per child. (Includes admission, meal, craft, and fun!)

Parents may order food if they would like. Parent admission to event is free and participation is welcome.

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